Over the years I have made thousands of seashell mirrors in all shapes, sizes, styles and color combinations.  I am blessed to work with some of the best design talent on the planet, and have learned a great deal.  White Clams, Scallops, Spindles and pearled shells have been a mainstay of my jobs here in Palm Beach, but usually there will be pops of colored shells added.  The texture of Corals often plays in a role in my designs.  I like to create big, showy pieces using big, showy seashells.  I like crusty shells that have a “history”:  shells with barnacles or little sea worms growing on them.  I really love colored shells the best.  Inspiration comes from seeing the giant arrangements under the water–natural and often unexpected shell, fan and coral combinations turn me on.  Following are some examples of mirrors I’ve made.  But anything you can dream up, I can do.  My real talent is the ability to read a client’s vision and to get on the same page.  I like to make clients happy, as that brings me true fulfillment.  We have templates in many shapes and sizes, or you can guide me to a shape you like.  Since I understand design and history, I can also understand how to create a shell object that will meld with your knowledge and design timeframe.   Please peruse and pick colors, textures and shapes you like, and we can meld anything to create the unique look you seek.