Here are some of the many seashell projects we have done.  We build consoles, book cases and the like out of wood in my studio.  I’ve worked with a cabinetry man, Douglas, for more than 25 years.  He’s talented and experienced.  You can also send us a large cabinet or table that you want encrusted with seashells, pearls or fossils and even gems.  I just have to go over the project with you, to make sure it will be suitable for coquillages.  We make shell mosaics on netting, like in the Nymphaeum in Newport.  Quite large shells may be adhered to netting–you’d be surprised.  For the most part, though, these large projects are similar to paneling.  A lot of the work can be done in my studio, leaving less expensive time needed to be spent on site.  After all these years we have faced some odd projects and real challenges.  The crew at Christa’s South Seashells is creative and willing to try just about anything.  You can put us to the test.  Following are a few of the many seashell projects we have done for residential and commercial clients, of which I am very proud.  From decorating 32 little handbags for Ralph Lauren to installing an intricate Nymphaeum at a palatial home on Bellevue Avenue in Newport, RI, we are willing to tackle just about any seashell project you have for indoors or out of doors.  Have a look: