Paneling is a broad area of coquillages.  I design and create neat, delineated panels for an elegant powder or garden room.  Many of the panels I create don’t look at all like panels, like fireplaces.  When a fireplace is 22′ high it must be broken up into pieces.  Like for the MGM Belaggio, we made the 30 panels in my little studio.  We worked straight from plans and templates sent by contractors.  We then packed them up in a Pod and sent them to Las Vegas for installation.  After contractors screwed and glued them up, my crew and I got up on ladders and filled in openings and seams, and edged whatever needed edging.  But most of the work is done in my studio, so the expensive, on-sight work can be at a minimum.  After the panels for a fireplace are installed, say, I fly or drive to the site and do the edging and closing in of shelled seams.  At the end it all looks like one unit.  No one would ever know that a shell-laden wall or fireplace was once just panels on a table.  When we use very large clams, fossils or corals we will not only adhere them with our super duper adhesives, but we will screw on a little shelf for it to rest upon.  Nothing ever falls off, even though it might appear to be a giant reef!  Often, though, we don’t even need to go on site.  If we have good measurements we can make panels fit together perfectly, so there is little or no work to be done on site.  It takes experience, technical know-how and confidence.  Have a look at some of the panel pieces we have done over the many years: