Seashells: The Salt (and Pepper) of the Earth

With shock and dismay I see some pretty awful mid-century kitsch used in design today, and I guess it works in some instances.  Shell kitsch, however, is so bad it’ll never be good. It’s the craftsmanship as well as the tastelessness of the stuff that  makes it so awful. Vintage Shell Art When I tell someone that I make things […]
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Sailors’ Valentines

When the Dutch started bringing seashells back from travels in the 1550’s, the use of them in art and science was born. Connoisseurs needed to be supplied with rare species for their Cabinets of Curiosity. Cabinets soon graduated to entire rooms, which appeared, with their magic, in Renaissance gardens, Louis XIV’s Grotto of Thetis at Versailles and Marie Antoinette’s shell […]
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